Why work with Us?

Worldgate Group Ltd is a fast growing organisation aimed being in the top of the stock exchange market with stakes in merchandise, distributorship, construction, consultancy, real estate. The group has withnessed tremedous growth over the years and is currently undertaking several projects both within Nigeria and Overseas in order to expand the scope of business and enhance staff welfare and management.

To enhance our growth, Worldgate Group Ltd is in need of Professionals in research and development field, esatate management, cashiers, drivers, sales and Marketing experts etc. In return Worldgate Group Ltd offers an interesting path to individuals who are interested in making good careers and a change to make a difference in the nation and even beyond.

Our Interest

Worldgate Group Ltd have special interest to employ, train and retain high skilled and high performing human resources who are eager to make a difference through their services in the world economy. We provide facilities and resources for talent recruitment, skills development, training and career actualization.

Sir Dan Anaebo Okekenta - MD/CEO Worldgate Group Ltd


Worldgate Group invests in over ten businesses, including seven other companies who are our subsidiaries and member companies.
We offer opportunities to talented individuals to make the best out of their careers.

Merchandise and Distributorship


Real Estate