Real Estate

We have properties scattered within the globe as means of boosting our financial strength to be able to create jobs as means of reducing unemployment and improving the country’s Gross Domestic Products. Our excellent focus in the areas of real estate management is fashioned towards defining our brand in introducing strategies that helps us meet and satisfy our many customers.

Our Pride

Worldgate Group through our member company Anaebo Real Estates Ltd provide independent brokerages with a powerful marketing and referral program for luxury listings. We provide access to luxury real estate and homes for sale nation wide. We venture in all types of homes including duplexes, flats and more. We can also match your lifestyle choices such as playgroup, gardens etc.

The sale of a significant home is truly noteworthy. To represent a home of distinction requires highly-qualified real estate professionals with global reach and local expertise. Worldgate Group is a unique and distinctive real estate owners and developers offering a wide selection of luxury homes, estates and properties for sale, lease and rent.